Our production facilities

Nordvest-Plast was established in 1987 by Mogens Fog Jensen, whose background as tool maker has a wide and well-founded platform for injection molding of plastic materials. In 1991, a new production hall of 1,000 m2 is being built, which today forms the framework for a modern and high-tech plastics production that turns into a shift of 10 production lines for injection molding. Machinery and know-how are maintained and high-level, several of the production lines are expanded with handling robots etc.

Nordvest-Plast is a 100% subcontractor of injection molded plastic materials. Our focus is on the production of plastic items according to our customers drawings, as well as continuously providing technical advice as well as sparring by our customers' designs.



Produced in Thy - delivered to the whole world

Our customers are all kinds of manufacturers, ranging from small to large manufacturing companies, distributed throughout the world. They have chosen Northwest Plast as their subcontractors as they weight the professional pride as much as we do. We see our customers as collaborators about a common product.

We are flexible and we understand to focus on customer needs. We would like to think two steps further and we can see room for improvement, we would like to make a dialogue with our customers. The final product is our common goal.