About the product

When there is drainage, it is one of the things that just work. Therefore, it is a major annoyance in any kind of housing when one's drain is clogged.

Should you clean a drain, there are two ways in which it can be done. You can choose to remove the problem, or you can choose to break down the problem and help it in the system. If you choose to remove the problem, you should usually separate pipes, which is a difficult, time consuming and dirty task. This is where a Drain Cleaner comes into the picture. With a Drain Cleaner, the problem is broken down and further assisted in the system - and - without having to separate the pipes.

How does Drain Cleaner work?

Drain Cleaner is mounted on a fairly ordinary garden mount with a quick coupling or by means of a strap. After this, drain cleaners are fed into the pipe in question, after which the water is turned on. Drain Cleaner is designed so that all overcoming obstacles are spattered and sent backwards. Thus, Drain Cleaner always has room for future work. As soon as the obstruction in the pipe has dissolved completely, all of the underlying water will be pushed further through the sewage system by gravity. This helps the blocking part further in the system as smaller pieces.

When task is resolved, drain Drain Cleaner, rinse in water and save for next time.